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Ines Renate Döllert

I introduce myself

I am a German goldsmith artist who has been living and working in Umbria since 1986.

My training began in Germany with the acquisition of a professional diploma in goldsmithing and continued in Perugia through the study and deepening of material techniques and characteristics. My time in Umbria and encounters with various artists engaged in different fields have promoted the development of sensitivity, creativity, and mastery of techniques, all aimed at the pursuit of beauty and perfection in artistic objects.

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Ines Renate Döllert

My journey could not help but be influenced by the Umbrian natural environment - both exuberant and elusive at the same time - in which it unfolded, to the point of experimenting with the artistic transposition of elements from this environment.

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Handcrafted jewelry

There is a long journey from the birth of the idea to the planning, to the design. From preparing the models to working with gold. And here, finally, is the jewelry. It is here, in front of me, on the workbench. Recently, I have become a part of the prestigious artisans' guide of Home Faber.

Over the years, I have participated in numerous art and artisan craft exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

In 1998, I opened the Ca D'or goldsmith workshop in the historic center of Perugia, which has also evolved over time into an art studio.

In recent years, I have rediscovered a passion for painting. This renewed interest, alongside my ongoing commitment to goldsmithing, has allowed me to explore new paths of artistic creativity. Look at my paintings.

In 2014, I launched a new project centered around art, fashion, and Umbria:



Ines Renate Döllert

Master goldsmith and painter