Ines Renate Döllert

Ines Renate Döllert

I am a German, goldsmith artist who has been living and working in Umbria since 1986.

My training began in Germany where I obtained a Professional Goldsmith’s Diploma and continued in Perugia through the study and deepened knowledge of the art and techniques of the goldsmith.

My residence in Umbria and contact made with various artists engaged in other fields of work, has favoured a sensitivity and creativity, beyond the mere acquisition of technical skills, leading to the search for beauty and perfection in every artistic object produced.

It was inevitable that my development as an artist be “contaminated” by Umbria’s natural environment, with its exuberant and at the same time demure qualities, leading to the development through experimentation of a translation of these elements into artistic form.
It is a long road from the birth of a concept for a work through to project form using innumerable sketches, followed by the preparation of models and samples before the execution in gold. Finally the jewel is born. Here it is on the work bench, in front of me.

Over the years I have participated in numerous exhibitions both in Italy and in other countries.

In 1998, I opened the goldsmith’s studio “Ca D’or” in the centre of the historical town of Perugia.
In 2014, I start a new project,, wich combines the fine points of art and fashion.
Since 2015, I am partner of "Living Italian" that organizes italian cultural events for foreigners.
Recently I rediscovered the passion for painting. This renewed interest, along with my usual work as a goldsmith, allows successful exploration in new fields of artistic creativity.