Artistic curriculum of Ines Renate Döllert

Born in Cologne, Germany.

After classical high school diploma began artistic and professional development in the workshop of A. Dittrich.

March 1986 received professional goldsmith diploma.

Since 1986 lived, worked in Umbria, Italy.

From 1989 to 1991 taught goldsmithing at the professional institute C.N.O.S-F.A.P. of Perugia, Italy.

1998 opened own workshop "Ca D'or" in the historic center of Perugia.

Recently rediscovered passion for painting. This renewed interest, along with usual work as a goldsmith, allows successful exploration in new fields of artistic creativity.

Over the past years participated in numerous shows in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

Personal exhibitions and awards:

1992       Hilden, Germany "Foliage" Haus Hildener Künstler

1994       Düsseldorf, Germany "Schmuck-Unikate und Bilder" Castle of Benrath

1995       Todi, Italy "L'oro e l'argento degli olivi" Town hall

1995       Perugia, Italy "Ori e dipinti" Academy of Filedoni

1996       Düsseldorf, Germany "Goldgebild-Bildgegold" Atelier Souterrain

1996       Cologne, Germany "Goldschmuck und Fliesenbilder" Pandora

1997       Perugia, Italy "I gioielli dell'olivo" Qui arte, Ancient oil mill Trampolini

1997       Düsseldorf, Germaniy "Farbenfrohe Monotypien-Schmuck" Castle of Benrath

1998       Perugia, Italy, exhibition at the Hotel Bellavista during Umbria Jazz

2012       Perugia, Italy "Luci e gioielli" Study ri-place

2014       Hilden, Germany "Collezione Olivo" Gallery im Bürgerhaus

2015       Perugia, Italy "Soprattutto donne" Ca D'or during Umbria Jazz

2016       Torgiano, Italy "Volto di donna" Town hall of Torgiano

2016       Torgiano, Italy " Ri-Tratti" during the Vinarelli 2016

2016       Perugia, Italy "Ritratti e paesaggi oltre tempo" Cultural Restaurant l'Officina

2017       Perugia, Italy "l'Aperitivo con l'Artista" by and with the participation of Andrea Baffoni, Cultural Restaurant l'Officina

2017       Perugia, "30anni in Italia" with the presentation of art critic Andrea Baffoni, Università per Stranieri di Perugia

2017       Palermo, Merit of Art at the "1st International Art Collective" in the Norman castle of Cefalà Diana

2017       Palermo, Donation of the painting "Posa" at the Contemporary Art Picture Gallery of Cefalà Diana

2018       Perugia, "Immi-Grati" with the participation of art critic Andrea Baffoni, Umbrò

2018       Palermo, International Recognition Heritage of Culture and Art, during the event included in the program of Palermo Capital of Culture 2018

2018       Montone, "Tratti" on the occasion of the Festa del Bosco in the church of San Fedele

2019       Hilden, Germania, "Auf Reisen-Viaggiando", Haus Hildener Künstler H6


Group exhibitions:

1987/88/89/92       Perugia, Italy "Mestieri d'arte " Rocca Paolina

1990/92                 Todi, Italy "Mostra Artigianato"

1993                      Todi, Italy "ArtigianArte" Palace of the arts

1999                      Terni, Italy "S. Valentino oro"

2001/02/03/04/05   Perugia, Italy "Perugia classico" Palazzo dei Priori

2005                      San Remo, Italy, exhibition during "Sanremo Music Festival"

2006/07                 Perugia, Italy "Maestri orafi umbri in mostra" Rocca Paolina

2006                      Perugia, Italy "Preziosi in musica" Palazzo Baldeschi

2011                      Los Angeles, United states "Orafi umbri a Los Angeles"

2014                      Munic, Germany "Inhorgenta Europe" neue Messe München

2014                      Trevi, Italy "Artigianiinovatori" Villa Fabbri

2014                      Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco 
                             "Artigianato di eccellenza italiana dall'Umbria" Hôtel Le Méridien

2014                      Città di Castello, Italy "Bello come l'oro" Palazzo Bufalini

2014                      Assisi, Italy "Artigianiinnovatori" Sala delle Volte

2014                      Montecarlo, Principality of Monaco, Exhibition at the Auditorium Rainier III

2015                      Trevi, Italy " Artigianiinovatori" Villa Fabbri

2015                      Montefalco, Italy "Arti e Bontà"

2015                      Assisi, Italy "Artigianiinnovatori"

2015                      Città di Castello, Italy "Mani rosa" Loggiato Celso Ragnoni

2016                      Perugia, Italy "Lake" Rocca Paolina,
                             Nationale d'Art Competition Fondazione Fabbroni

2016                      Siracusa, Italy 1° Art Collective, Galleria Montevergini
                             Second Prize ex-aequo

2017                      Perugia, "Maestri Orafi in Mostra", Goldsmith Exhibition, Palazzo Galeazzi Alessi

2017                      Palermo, "1st International Art Collective" in the Norman castle of Cefalà Diana

2017                      Città di Castello, "Bello come l'Oro" Goldsmith Exhibition

2018                      Palermo Capital of Culture 2018, International art collective: "The colors of the artists at Mezzojuso for a better world"

2019                      Perugia, participation in the Workshop "International Migrant Artist" Rocca Paolina

2019                      Paris, France, "L'art ô féminin" Galerie Thuillier